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Milky Drinks - Zero Winks Tee *Black*

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Ahhh life with a baby - what more is there to say... lost in a never-ending cycle of feeding, changing, sleeping (or not)!

This design was inspired by those first few months of motherhood when your life and literally every single conversation you have revolves around feeding, boobs, milk, nipples, sleep routines, sleep consultants, lack of sleep, what sleep used to feel like... 

... and to think - we still think the sun shines out of their gorgeous wee bums!

**Brought to life by the super chic and fabulous Amina Giger all the way in Zurich**

Amina recently left the corporate world to follow her passion for art - wahoo! She has a super cool Instagram page @zurichbyknit and her very own website

*Please check the size chart as this tee is a women's style so runstrue to size*



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