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Marnie - 10 Things About Me

Marnie from Eskimo Nell - 10 Things About Me

  1. I have wanted to be EVERYTHING over the course of my life; Fashion designer, Police woman, Ayurvedic doctor haha & finally found my way to Journalism.
  2. I speak Portuguese (I use the term speak very loosely)
  3. I live in a commune house (my hubby, bub & I live downstairs and my bestie, her bf, bub & doggies live upstairs) and it's fuckin amazing.
  4. I am really grossed out by large cutlery
  5. My husband is basically my hairdresser (he shaves my undercut & always tries to make be go a number 2 which looks real nasty with my super pasty scalp!)
  6. I am obsessed with little rituals; coffee & treats, wine & chippies, Netflix & chill etc
  7. I had a home birth with Riv and laboured on the couch while my husband & mum had wine and cheese and watched Suits next to me.
  8. I once had an intestinal parasite - and yes it was grim AF
  9. When I was pregnant I read 'Eating Animals' by Jonathan Safran Foer & and been vegetarian ever since
  10. My mum started her own skiwear label in the 70s - Eskimo Nell! & I have always dreamt of bringing back to life - so I am basically living my dream


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