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Ashleigh - 10 Things About Me


  1. I have three kids. All of whom I have delivered without drugs. This is basically my super power.
  2. I really wanted a home birth, and tried really hard with Arden to labour at home so long with that it would just happen (I got so close) but I stupidly had a shower & my husband (who had cottoned on to my plan) called my midwife & made me go to BirthCare.
  3. I am exceptionally clumsy. Absolutely no special awareness. Like, if being clumsy were an Olympic sport I would take out gold, silver and bronze.
  4. I cannot make decisions.
  5. I know pretty much every lyric to every song ever written. It is a real talent… which leads me to the fact that…
  6. I love karaoke but cannot sing at all. In fact I love karaoke so much that my husband tried to propose at a karaoke bar….which then leads me into how….
  7. I ruined our proposal the night before my husband planned to do it (at said karaoke bar) because I told my husband (repeatedly) that I hate the idea of marriage, would never marry him & would say no if he asked…. Awkward, but here we are.
  8. My grandfather gave me a Maori middle name which basically means nothing. Literally it means “nothing”. Thanks, mate!
  9. I have 3 sisters, same mum & dad but we all look completely different.
  10. It is my dream to travel & live all over the world with the kids & the thought of owning a home & being tied down freaks me the fuck out. I have never travelled & the idea of dying before I get to see the world makes me break out in a nervous sweat.

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