Badass Babes

Inspired by the strong, sassy and super babe’n Queen of Queens (and our total mama crush) – Constance Hall

For us Constance shone a big fat light on the importance of sisterhood & the strength that comes when women band together & raise one another up. That is why we created this tee, to bring back the power of community, to unite Queens & to place a value on sisterhood. Our hope is that every time you put on this tee it reminds you that you are a Queen among Queens and that when life give you lemons it’s time to grab a girlfriend and make gin and frickin’ tonics!

So cheers to you and your Queenliness! To us you represent all that we stand for - mamas empowering and connecting with other mamas, sharing the ups and downs, the what the fucks, how the fucks & zero fucks of motherhood and doing it all with a sense of humour, smile on your face and hopefully a wine in hand.

This design was brought to life by the incredibly talented, fabulous and boss babe Miss Lily Kate Vallance - you can find out more about her at