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The skinny (or not) on breastfeeding

August 08, 2017

World Breastfeeding Week

Eat what you want they said. You will lose weight they said.

I am not ashamed to admit it, one of the main reasons I pushed SO hard to breastfeed Arden was because I assumed I would lose weight, quick, like all the professionals boasted it would.  Maybe that is their trick - tell mums it helps them get skinny & all the vain biarches like me will push through the pain with the hopes of a better body waiting on the other side of bleeding nipples & engorged boobs.... Well played, breastfeeding pros, well played!!! 

Annnnnnnyway - I must've done something seriously shitty in a past life, perhaps cut off the tender bosom of my lover or something because not only did I have THE worst luck with feeding (you name it, I got it) I was one of the small percentage of this entire world that puts on weight feeding. Serves my conceited ass right, I know. BUT COME ON.... 

All my friends, whether or not they were active pre, during & post pregnancy all had these to-die-for post baby svelte bods, while claiming they were eating all kinds of delicious shit & here I was gaining weight. 

 Breastfeeding Baby Chubby Thighs | Eskimo Nell

(that's me, flipping the bird to that dumb "breastfeeding makes you skinny" advice)

I persevered & soldiered on like all my skinny BF'ing mum friends suggested, with wild dreams of eating what I liked, doing sweet FA & still losing weight - the ultimate dream for someone who loves eating & doing sweet FA as much as me. My well meaning friends said suuuuuuper motivating things like "don't worry, you used to be skinny so you will be skinny again soon I am sure" & "the weight fell off for me after 6 months so keep going". So on I went, loaded up with lactation cookies, lactation tea, fenugreek (so. much. fenugreek), omega 3s & every other breastfeeding old wives tale you can possibly find on Google. 

Word of Advice: Don't Get Ya Hopes Up

Now, the point of my post isn't some kind of woe is me, I was fat for 11 months, boo-hoo situation, I just really want to shine the light on the fact that some people actually gain weight breastfeeding & to not bloody believe the hype.  I also want to actually offer another point of view because every single blog, article, professional, podcast (I really did my BFing research) I read or listened to all had the same bottom line "breastfeeding is amazing for post baby weightloss".  Because of all this really great "advice" I went into my experience with really high hopes that I could laze around all day & stare into my newborn's eyes & still chuck on a bikini that coming summer.  I also had all these romantic hopes that I would breastfeed so effortlessly in oversized kaftans & beautiful lingerie while my husband stared at me in total awe at what a beautiful, earth mother goddess I was...... So, you can imagine how horrified I was to find that this was NOT the case for me. 

Gisele Bundchen Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding | Eskimo Nell

(I also clearly missed the "how to look like a supermodel while breastfeeding memo)

I was pretty deflated to be brutally honesty & without sounding like a dick it did detract from the whole breastfeeding experience for me, a little bit, so do not be like me & use that as one of the main reasons to breastfeed  and don't get ya hopes up because you might be a real grower not a show'er, like me & I would hate for you to get all down & out and hate on the breastfeeding buzz because there really are a lot of amazing things about feeding.  Truthfully, I really do regret worrying about that stupid shit.

So, don't let weightloss be the main motivating factor in the whole shebang, if it happens it is a bonus but not a given.  Because, cheesy as it is.... one day the fat ass won't matter & your babies will be big & your boobs saggy anyway & you will kick yourself, really hard, for even giving a fuck. Living the zero f*cks life is basically the only way out of this parenthood gig alive & I wish I had've cottoned on to that far sooner. 

So basically, my advice is, don't be a vain asshole. Like me.

Ok, that is all from me.  Go forth & breastfeed (or bottle feed, whatever floats ya boat) & enjoy your bundles of yummy milky baby goodness.  





For more sound advice, like this, head over to our blog & check out our treasure trove full of other pearls of wisdom.







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