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August 29, 2017

Honesty is the best policy, right?

Apparently so - we teach it, we preach it but apparently the one place where honesty is not a rule to live by is Motherhood. Still.

Here is a blog I wrote - years ago, before I had PND, before I had three kids & before the Constance Hall & Emily Writes phenomenom.  I would love to say that a lot has changed since I wrote this but sadly it seems the only thing that has changed is the amount of f*cks I give!

This judgement. This lack of honesty between mums. The lack of support. It HAS to stop. I don't know how. Maybe it starts with me, and you. If we stop judging ourselves maybe we will find it harder to judge others... maybe that is where the problem truly lies - we judge others so harshly because we judge ourselves even more ruthlessly... but it is the age old chicken or the egg scenario.  Anyway, I digress... here is my blog from 4 years ago.

Eskimo Nell Flip The Bird Zero Judgement

Motherhood - The Truth?

Motherhood, I am not the first to enter into it nor will I be the last. Many have written about this subject, perhaps in a bid to understand their journey or just to passively vent. 

I have been a mother for 10 years and am currently 8 months into round 2.  A decade apart and a lot has changed except one thing, the lack of honesty amongst mothers.  Motherhood is tough.  It is tiresome.  It is lonely, frustrating, isolating and one giant, terrifying guilt trip.  Don't get me wrong, being a mother is something I cherish, enjoy immensely and do not take for granted but it is also one area of my life I struggle with on a daily basis.  Do I struggle because I have a prepubescent 10 year old and Freddy Krueger Jnr living under my roof? Well, to some degree but moreso because being able to be honest about the fact that somedays I am too scared to open my eyes in the morning in case someone wants me and opening my eyes means starting my day, a day that some weeks feels a lot like groundhog day and seemingly admitting this fact makes me a terrible mother.  Sadly, a lot of those people who have that view, are in fact themselves mothers.

"Children are a blessing".  "They aren't babies for long".  "Some people can't have children" are among things you hear if, God forbid, you complain about the fact that you haven't slept for days, or your kid has been crying since their exit from your womb. 


Why is it so bad to admit that you are having a hard time?  Why am I suddenly filled with dread the moment I moan about my child(ren) on social media, and instantly want to remove my post?

Yes, those of us lucky enough to be mothers have chosen this journey and yes not getting up to go to 'work' seems luxurious but honestly there are some days where the thought of having a shitty boss or job to complain about so that people don't find me 'annoying' seems exciting.

I think the worst thing in all of this is that even this rant is going to be deemed ungrateful/annoying/negative and therein lies the problem.  Since when did being honest become so taboo? And why should we be made to feel any less of a mother because we are willing to be?  To me, being honest makes me think more of mothers.  To be able to be honest about one of the most judged and judgemental 'occupations' shows a realness that I appreciate, to no end.

In my very humble opinion, if more people were honest and able to admit their struggles perhaps a lot less of our children would be hurt by the hands of those who are meant to protect them. Maybe a lot less mum's would feel isolated and crazy. Maybe then we could stop comparing ourselves to each other and be able to bask in the realness of motherhood instead of hiding behind a facade.

My rant ends here. Perhaps I am the odd one out and the fact that I am honest makes me the weird one but if you read this and think "hell to the yeah, this Mama knows what's up" let me know. Tell me you sometimes hide from your kids, or drive the long way home from the supermarket so you can hear a song without someone talking over the top of it. Admit somedays you don't want your partner to leave for work because you desperately want some company. Hell, even go as far to tell me your 3 month old watches Disney Jnr for longer than you care to admit just so you can drink your fourth coffee in peace. Go on, be honest it feels pretty liberating. (I promise not to judge!)

A x

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