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Your baby does this too, right?

May 11, 2017

GUYS, I have had one of those weeks… ya know those weeks where nothing is inherently going awry but shit just feels hard? You know the ones I mean, right? I live in hope that I am not the only one whose baby circles your ankles incessantly like a God damn shark circling its prey, insisting to be picked up which is kinda cute (the first 20 times) albeit annoying.  I'll admit it is kind of nice that she loves me so much…. Just would be nice if for one day she loved me a little bit less & gave fewer fucks about me.  Like, honestly how does she recognise me by my toes?

Arden crying for Mummy

Anyway, after her doing 1km worth of laps around my feet I had the bright idea to wear shoes to trick her but she still managed to single out my shoes (which are new, so how the fuck does she know they are mine!?!?) …. it is so weird.  I am pretty sure my baby is out to Single White Female me. I am not even kidding, she is Grade A obsessed.  My other kids haven’t given two shits about me – outta site outta mind. I used to get kind of offended by it but now I am wondering why the hell I didn’t lap that shit up more often.  The freedom that comes when your kids give zero fucks about you, that shit cannot be bought! If it could be, I would be down at the bank so fast screaming “take my kidney, my soul, my other two kids… I don’t care just give me enough money to buy this kids 5, ok ok 10 less fucks about me”.

I am not that cool, please don't love me so much!

Ok so I know that my kid being a stage 5 clinger isn’t that bad. It isn’t. But here is the problem: it is really quite hard to do shit with one arm all the time.  Like, clean up actual shit. I know. I tried today.  Old mate clinger decided that my day was going way too well for her liking so as we were leaving the house, I quickly changed her nappy & she had a mad rash so being the nice, caring Mum that I am I let her have some nappy free time while I tried to get dressed.  Girlfriend then threw my kindness right back in my face & took a dump.  In the lounge.  Dining.  Kitchen.  All over the couch. Smushed into her books & all through her toy box.  Her hair. My hair. Everywhere!! How is it even possible to excrete that much waste in 3 mintues? There was literally a poo circle around my feet from where she was circling me screaming to be picked up while I stood there screaming back “I cannot pick you up, you are covered in shit.  What do you want from me!?!?!” while simultaneously texting my husband telling him how I need a nanny or a cleaner or a trip to Bali on my own. Preferably all three.

Of course by this time I am running really late for kindy pick up.  I look at Kaka-baby, at myself, then look at the time & decide to fuck the getting dressed buzz, what are some shit stained clothes between one kindy mum & another anyway? You know things are bad when you fly into the kindy carpark like a bat outta hell & my really put together mum friend notices me (I mean of course she does, you just about took down a bunch of 4 year olds when I got air driving into the carpark), sees my defeated face & ask if I am OK.  I smile & laugh like “Hiiiiii babe! OMG yeah, totally fine mate, I have got this. I have totally fucken got this. Never mind the shit storm back at home & the fact that if you come much closer you will smell my kids faeces all over me”.  

Note to self: Cut your losses

I run in to kindy, collect my kid who doesn’t want to leave & refuses to come home with me.  I do one of those half smiles, half “I am not in the mood, do not mess with me right now” looks.  Finally I get to the car & the 3 year old starts gagging because the stench is so bad & it is at this point that I realise I just can’t even cope with life today.  Little did I know that the thrills haven’t ended there…. I get home & the poo has semi-dried into the carpet because I forgot to turn the heat pump off & my house smells like someone has died in a sauna.  More gagging ensues from Mr. 3.   I get the baby into bed, deal with the poonami.  Sweet… bitta quiet time to catch up on some work.  All is forgotten, until the three year old falls off the bench & at this point I just cut my losses, pour a wine & give up on life altogether.

Ash from Eskimo Nell drinking wine in I've Got This tee

AND to think, basically all of this started because my baby loves me so much…. GO FUCKING FIGURE.

Please, please, please tell me that I am not the only one who suffers from clingy-baby-itis? Help me regain some dignity by emailing me at and telling me your "fuck this shit" moments.



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