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News Flash: everyone's life Is a little bit shit

June 18, 2017

I got a penpal. She is awesome. Well, at least I think she is - I could actually be getting fully Catfish'd.  Anyway, we were penpal'ing the other day & she was like "I really wish someone would right a blog about how everyone's life is a little bit shit"... Rox, I got your back Gurl. This one is for you:

The sun can't shine on the same dog's ass everyday

I really wish I could credit myself for that awesome quote however it was my penpal. Nevertheless, can I get an amen? Because GF got a point.

No matter what you see on the outside is not always what is going on on the inside. Like that one time when everyone was like "woah Ash you are super Mum. You have three kids, a business, a husband, a tidy house, you are basically perfect - hilarious, pretty & so well put together all the time" (disclaimer: I may have made those last few points up) but inside I was dying & wanting to drive into barriers on the motorway.... So, yeah, there's that.

I guess my point here is that at some point in everyone's life it is a little bit shit and that is honestly totally great!! It is the shit that makes the good so much better. Also, it is ok for life to be shit sometimes because it won't always be shit. Like, last week my baby was sick & miserable & clingy AF and this week.... oh, ok... that isn't actually a good point because she is still sick & miserable & clingy AF but next week she will be awesome again & it will be someone else's turn.  See the trick here guys is to not assume that everyone's life is roses all the time. Like Outkast once said: roses really smell like poooo-eww-ewwww.

"one thing I love about Eskimo Nell is that we never pretend that life is shits & giggs all the time"

It is really bloody easy to fall into the old soosh meeds trap & assume that everyone's lives are really cool & awesome & glam-o-rous twenty fo' sev.  We are all guilty of it.  And, of course that is what people want you to believe but even the Queen shits, right?. Social media has a lot to answer for. So until we can walk around with real life filters (if you watch Black Mirror I am sure you agree that this is totes possible & not too far away) just don't believe everything you see. 

Case in point:
 Instagram vs reality Ash from Eskimo Nell blogging

(don't always believe what you see.... pic on the right is of my aesthetic AF, tranquil blogging space... pic on the left is the actual reality just behind the IG worthy photo.  NB: I lit that candle especially for this photo & caught my hair on fire in the process because.... Instagram)

One thing I love about Eskimo Nell is that we never pretend that life is shits & giggs all the time.  It it is our audacious mission to shine a light on normality & make you all feel better about the fact that life is really quite blah sometimes. We want to empower women & help you find the awesome in the ordinary.  At the end of the day, I just want everyone to read this blog & understand that it is ok to not be keeping up with the Jones' & it is ok for your life not to look like an Instagram newsfeed & it is bloody ok to have some tough times. WE. ALL. DO.

So, remember this - if life is really sucky today, maybe tomorrow it will be your ass that gets the sun shone on it. Hang in there, a warm bum is just around the corner.

For more LOLs & truth bombs, check out some more of our blogs here or drop us a line, you know we love to shoot the breeze.  If you love what we had to say then share our bloggy or leave us a comment. K, thanks. Love ya.



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