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How to: convince your husband to have another baby

June 02, 2017 1 Comment

Ok, let me preface this by saying I have no fudging idea... It is more of a question:

How the hell do you convince your husband to have another baby?

Old matey potatey huzbo is done. Done with babies. Done with crazy hormonal pregnant wife. Done with working his ass off to feed these humans. Done with sleepless nights, no travel plans, no hangovers in bed for hours on end without small people needing us to actually be, ya know, coherant.  

Hungover Parent Meme | Eskimo Nell

BUT, me? I am not done. I would keep bringing babies earthside via my lady tunnel for years on end.  I look at my kids & wonder how the hell I could ever not want another baby.  

So my friends, we are in a tustle of tug of war at the moment.

I made my DH (that is baby forum code for darling husband. Or dickhead. Depends what mood you are in) anyway, I made DH promise to never make me go back to work if we didn't have another baby.  Which is stupid of me really. I have a job so he wins that round. Clever mother lover (still trying this whole not swearing buzz).  

Gahhh guys, help a sister out. I am not ready to roll over & play dead just yet. I am out for blood. I want to win & I want another baby dammit. I need your help, I need tips. I need alll of the good baby juju I can get. How the hell can I convince this guy he wants to add another Turley to the tribe?

These are my ideas so far:

Ok, I actually don't even want to write them down because I will sound like an complete crazed lunatic & it is a very real possibility that he might read this & actually fear to ever sleep with his eyes closed again, and then those really well thought out (but totally psycho & potentially illegal) plans will be foiled.

Crazy wife meme | Eskimo Nell

So I put it to you, my virtual babes.  Have you come up against this problem? Have you succeeded in convincing your DH to let you manufacture another human? 

Please send me all of your tips. But not publically... Email me at ... the last thing we need is him cottoning onto Operation Get Ash Pregnant.




1 Response

DD (darling daughter)
DD (darling daughter)

June 02, 2017

Hahahahhahahhaha gotta hand it to you mum, this was pretty funny. Im still the funniest in the family but you come in close third after Miller and I.

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